Below you can see our seaperate prices.

All prices on complete produktions, instrument and background vocal recordings etc.
is always given from job to job. Email us and hear more about this.
All projects is pay via PayPal when the project is done.


Noice-sounds and recording errors

Lead vocal tracks: 40 usd.
Other vocal tracks: 20 usd.


Lead vocal tracks: 40 usd.
Other vocal tracks: 20 usd.

Time correction

Per track: 20 usd.


For other specielle wishes, email us for a price.


Basic fee: 100 usd.
And 20 usd. per track

For an optimal mix, every vocal trakc and instrumen
must be on separate track, dry with no effects.
Exept for ex. guitar tracks recorded with distortion and so.


Basic fee: 60 kr.
And 10 usd. per track


The prices varies a lot depending on the number of clips, instrumentation etc.
Send us an email with info on your recordings,
number of instruments, number of vocals tracks etc.


Per song: 60 usd.

If you need instrumental and sing-back version also
we do this without charging extra.


We always corrects your mix till you are satisfied
and of cause without extra fee.