MH-Studios is an editing and mixing studio.
Below you can see a list of what we do, but we also offer to be the producer of your production,
and get all needed recordings of instruments done, and put it all together to the final result.

You can always contact us to hear if we can help in any way.


We offer a various kind of raw track editing.

Noice-sounds and recording errors

We remove all noice-sounds such as
small click-sounds, clipped breathings etc.
which will be very hearable in the finish product
when compressors, eq and so on has been put on fx. vocal and guitar tracks.

Or, words where the ending of the word has been cut in the recording,
S-sounds in the end of a word that are missing,
T and P sounds that is clicking or has been recorded to overdrive etc.
All this will be edited away.


We edit vocal tracks with manual autotune.

If you just put a autotune on a complete track,
many words will not be corrected correctly,
and many words will sound like the famous 'Cher effect'
from the song 'Believe' where you can easilly hear the autotune.

We avoid this by autotuning each vocal-line one by one and word by word
so every word of the recording will be autotuned best possible
WITHOUT it being hearable that an autotune has been used.

This is used on both lead vocals and also
on backgroundvocals and choir, where harmonies
will be 100% correct and clean in the mix.

Time correction

Some parts of a recording can sound much better
by correcting the timing of the beat
so it fits the rest of the tracks.

fx. background vocal with 3 harmonies,
where all 3 voices doesn't hit at the same time.
This will be be very hearable on T and P sounds and so on.
Or a T sound in the end of a word on a harmony voice
that doesn't hit the same T in the lead vocal.


There can be other small changes we do,
but the above is the main corrections.

We offer a various kind of mixing.


We mix your recordings to a final mix,
that is ready to send to mastering or
directly to distribution.

In generelt we mix a very tight sound, which means
a mix where all instruments and vocals is very tight and close
in the final mix as a modern radio hit song.


We also offer a 'fast' mix for demo use.
We do not use the same amount of time on the mix and on the small corrections
which will come out as a faster and cheaper mix.

We will still get it all clued together in the mix,
but we use more standard presets
which makes the process faster.


If you need sound bits for a website as mucisian or band.
we offer to mix this as well.


We do not offer a full production mastering used for big label releases.
We can forward the final mix to a real mastering if wanted..
But if the budget isn't to high we can offer
a mastering that will clearly enhance the mix and get everything
in the mix to be nice, steady and clear in the mix.


We also offer to add additional vocals and instruments
such as background vocals, piano, keyboard, guitar and so on.

We mix after your descriptions and try to make the sound you want
from your ideas and guidelines.
If the mix is not like you wanted it to be,
we correct it till you are satisfied.